Lo-Fi: So Am I

Lo-Fi Web Design

I’v been doing web design since 1997 or maybe it was earlier, anyway tables were all the rage back then and Yahoo had those four uber-cool ridged buttons created with Kai Power Tools. But wait! I’m no dinosaur and evolved, just like Cylons did, into an xhtml designer with a strong passion towards web video, interactive site design and user interface design.

And I love LO-FI web design. Did you know there’s an entire school of lofi web designers? Just look at this article or google for “lo fi” web design.

Now, if only I could find the time to create an original theme for this blog… Soon, I promise. Meanwhile there’s a page of bookmarks here with little practical use, I must admit.

Update August 1st 2010
Work on the theme generator has progressed, expect this blog to come alive soon! Oh, I love wordpress 3.0…

Looking back at this short blurb, one thing strikes me more than anything else: five years have elapsed, we have WordPress 4.2 installed, Adobe has gone to the moon cloud and never came back. Back then, when I wrote this I was proudly declaring my xhtml doctypes, and closing line breaks with a slash.

Today html is freeform, css animation is old news, and css itself is not cool anymore: LESS rulez. Everything moved so fast and yet it seems to me yesterday that I opened this site, planning to release my coauthored wordpress theme generator. I even remember (and it’s a vivid memory) the color of the Halloween 2009 newsletter I sent. Violet, in case you were wondering.

Five long years have elapsed since the last update, the theme generator php code is somewhere but of course it does not support any of the most recent wordpress changes. I kept learning new skills in web design, video and (of course) responsive design. Mobile first responsive design, mind you.

I always paid all the bills in time. And this is good. But I neglected this site, and no, this is not good. I briefly thought I could just delete the “last update” line, but that would have not been fair. I deserve to be reminded of the projects I failed to complete (yet) and I still have faith I will be able to pick them up again. Closure, you know.

In the meantime, enjoy the new layout. #lovemagenta