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Establish a Testimonials Empire – But don’t overdo it


There is no one better way to establish customer confidence when you are trying to make a sale than by the use of customer testimonials.

It makes a prospect comfortable to see that previous people to read the book were not burned and were pretty impressed with the product they are considering.

Think about it. You may have been in this situation before but if you are considering buying a product but still not 100% sure wouldn’t it make you feel better to know that other people felt good about the same product. I can think of a few times when I have bought something because of the great reviews and positive testimonials that were offered.

But if your book is new and nobody has bought it before how do you get testimonials? You could just wait for a few sales and hope the customers give you testimonials, but even than you can only hope. Here are two ways to get testimonials early on.

1) Give your book away

I’m serious. It might sound ridiculous at first but it is a great way to get a few solicited testimonials. Find a group of people – online or off – that might be interested in your product (two or three is plenty). Tell them that you will give them your book for free in return for a testimonial of the product.

If you do this, give them a time limit to get back to you with the testimonial – just a few days. You want these as soon as possible so you can add them to your sales letter.


2) Solicit them from customers

Another easy way to get testimonials is to send a follow-up email to people who bought your book already. Do this about one week after they buy.

Simply send them an email and ask them if they would be kind enough to give you a testimonial. Many people will be willing to. Make sure your email is personalized and not a stock email you send to everyone. As you gain testimonials you can add them to your sales letter.

No matter how you do it, do it honestly. Don’t just make something up because if you are found out you will never be trusted. Besides, it is illegal in most places.

Add the testimonials in various places throughout the sales letter. Make sure the spots are appropriate but at the same time don’t clutter the page with them. If you have a lot of testimonials you may want to leave a link to a separate testimonial page along with the regular testimonials on your sales letter.

So, what do you think ?