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Flyer and signs: an age old approach to marketing


I bet that if you were to go out and drive around your city for a few hours you would see tons of signs everywhere advertising some .com business. I am not talking about the huge billboards but the small laminated cardboard signs made by small businesses.

These signs are all over and they always stay around because they work. They don’t just work because they are there though, there are two main reasons they bring in customers.

1) They are posted in high car traffic areas – I have seen them on bridges, on street corners and light posts. Wherever they are, they are where a lot of cars and traffic jams happen. This is not the most targeted way to get customers, but it is free and you reach tens of thousands of people who drive by in their cars day after day and read the sign.

2) They are posted in high foot traffic areas – This should be more targeted. You can find areas where you think your market might be.

If there is a billboard area you can post a small flyer for them to see. By high foot traffic I mean a shopping area, restaurant etc. Just make sure you have permission to post.

So, what do you think ?