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Business Card Design Essential Tips


Businesses are driven with an intention to promote a product or a service. Several tools are required to drive a business effectively. One could think about tools like websites for providing the required information to the customer over internet, logo design to drive the concept of uniqueness of their business and so on.

One can relate their relevance and uniqueness with Business cards as well. These are tools to describe appropriately as to what one is into and who one is? A Business card design assumes significance in this matter that it shows of the identity of someone and the product or service that he/she is into.

Design of business card is essential for fulfilling the objectives of business to certain extent. It is a card that is given to a customer by the marketer to identify himself to the marketer and at the same time educate the customer as to who he is and what is he up to? As such a business card design is important and needs to contain some very significant content needed to drive the business effectively.

Most importantly, a business card needs to have a name embossed on it. It’s not always necessary, but it is a good idea to have it to a nice personalized touch. It also serves as the contact necessary for a customer to whom it is given. As such this portion needs to be the most prominent part and the text should be the first part that’s caught attention on viewing the card.

The second most important portion is to have the Name of the business organization on the card. This gives an idea to the recipient of the card as to what the name of the organization is and what it is into? The logo of the business organization should also be printed in highly recognizable text.

The third most important aspect is the address of the business organization printed on the card. It’s good to have both the physical address as well as the virtual address imprinted on the card.

Apart from the physical address and the website address, it is important that the phone numbers of the contact are also imprinted on the card. A professional business card would include the phone numbers in the international dialing format. The phone numbers should be mentioned along with the country and the area codes on the card. Special characters are recommended in places where needed. It’s good to have an email address of the contact imprinted on the card as well. By doing so, one empowers the recipient or the customer to contact the respective person in a business organization in various ways viz., phone, physical address as well as the email.

It’s highly recommended to have the web address of the business organization imprinted on the card.

Logo needs to be dominantly visible on the card and should be followed by taglines related to the company which gives a general idea or description of the business. Graphic images can be used wherever necessary but the extent to which the usage is done needs to be controlled.

List of services and products can be mentioned usually on the back of the card in a short and simple format.

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