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Self-employed Web Designer? Consider renting office space


I took the plunge of going self-employed 6 months ago and truly, I have not looked back. This lifestyle is so much better – I can manage my own time, I value my hours and money more and I get to work from any location.

Currently my chosen location is my home. I don’t intend it to be this way forever, however, as my plans to grow will involve the inclusion of a partner and possibly an employee or two. This will mean that I’ll be leaving the comfort of my home as we’ll need more space; namely an office.

There are multiple benefits of working from an office rather than from home. Here are a few good reasons why self-employed people may consider renting an office:

  • Rental office space often comprises of serviced offices, which means you will have an on-site diner, a secretary to take your calls, an Internet connection and a cleaner, amongst other benefits.
  • Working from an office maintains discipline. If you replicate a normal 9-5 job, it will be easier to maintain a routine. You will have more of a reason to get up early, get showered and get into the office.
  • Renting a serviced office will truly separate your work life from your home life. You certainly won’t find kids toys and unwelcome distractions in your office!
  • You have a professional base; a receptionist to take your calls, a business address and a meeting place for potential clients. This creates a much more professional image for your clients than meeting them in your front room!
  • An office vibe is good! You will be surrounded by other small businesses and sole-traders which is good for overall morale. Just saying hello to passing people in the corridors can have a real positive effect on your day.
  • Because of the other businesses on the premises, it’s quite possible you will be able to do some mutual business and networking. Another added bonus to working from an office!
  • Office rental is relatively cheap. If you only need a small space for 2 or 3 people, office space is relatively cheap even in the large cities.

With the situation that I am in right now, I cannot afford to rent a serviced office and don’t have a strong enough need to – my workload is manageable and I rarely work with other people. However, when this changes in the future, and my client base expands, I will be looking to hire part-time people and for this, rented office space will be a necessity.

So, what do you think ?