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Basic Definition of CMS – Content Management System

CMS or Content Management System is a server software that aids in the management of, er… content. Or as someone could say “streamlines the work flow in any environment collaborative in nature”. Gosh. In simple terms, a CMS aids people across the domain to contribute or share data. Using the system one can control the […]


Establish a Testimonials Empire – But don’t overdo it

There is no one better way to establish customer confidence when you are trying to make a sale than by the use of customer testimonials. It makes a prospect comfortable to see that previous people to read the book were not burned and were pretty impressed with the product they are considering. Think about it. […]


Flyer and signs: an age old approach to marketing

I bet that if you were to go out and drive around your city for a few hours you would see tons of signs everywhere advertising some .com business. I am not talking about the huge billboards but the small laminated cardboard signs made by small businesses. These signs are all over and they always […]


Classified Ads – For Sale or for fun

Just like classified ads online these are a way to post a short ad that is meant to get a response and make the reader go to your site or email you. But unlike their online counterparts, offline classifieds work much better. Where online you might get a few prospects but hundreds of SPAM messages, […]