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Design Your Own Letterhead a Quick Overview


Designing the corporate identity is essential to drive business and its objectives successfully for any company. As such every company is on look out for appropriate ways to market their products by using their identities in the market. Designing of corporate identities involve designing of logo for the company, design of letterhead and business card design as well apart from various other tools.

It’s the design of  letterhead, business card or the logo that is essential to convey the definition of the brand in a concise way to the targeted customer. These tools are the connections between the customer and the company.

Several softwares are available in the market nowadays that aid in the design of these business tools. These softwares aid in the creation of these tools effectively but it is one’s ideas that really drive the design process and not the software as such.

A letterhead is a sheet meant to convey something to the customer in the form of a professional letter. Designing this tool for business is essential to convey the brand of the company or the commitment of the company towards its services.

A letter head should normally contain specific items that really make it professional in appearance at the same time not compromising on the aesthetic portion.

It should primarily contain the logo of the company and its description tagline. Usually the logo and the tagline serve as components that convey the brand definition of the company as well as give a concise description about the company’s objectives. Care should be taken that not much space is used for conveying information pertaining to the company, but the necessary message needs to be conveyed in the available space on the letterhead. As such, one needs to choose what content needs to be added in the printed space of the letterhead.

A letterhead needs to have the logo, the tagline of the company in the most readable format. This would first drive the attention of the customer towards the logo and tagline. This would give a general idea about the company to the customer in case when does not know anything about the company.

Information pertaining to the relevant products and services should be printed on the letterhead in the corner portions or on marginal portion of the letterhead.

It is highly important that the information that is being conveyed pertaining to the brand on the letterhead is free from grammatical errors and is conveyed in the most concise form. Its highly recommended to have the contact information of the local offices printed upon the letterhead in the marginal portions along with the necessary contact numbers in the professional international format and email address of the contact person. It is recommended to have the website address also printed below the email id of the contact in the printed area of the letterhead. As far as possible control should be exercised in the usage of font choices and space allocated for the printable information.

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