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Landing Page Design Tips


Marketers found in Online Business an opportunityto reach far and wide, and have started marketing their products or services through internet. In fact, internet has become the no.1 option for information look out. Various vendors have set up their own websites to market their products or services. Several people have set up their website to promote their ideas and several have been doing it to just convey information to those looking out for the same.

Whatever is the purpose or website, the design of website is a vital component that plays an important role in promoting a product or service or delivering hits to the site. There are several ways in which a website design can be done. Most website creators in spite of creating a great website fail to attract visitors only due to its fall back in terms of landing page design.

A landing page is a vital component for a website as it is the first page that is open to the visitor on accessing a site. As such, this page plays a vital role in defining what the visitor’s attitude towards the site would be. Landing pages convey the very basic information pertaining to a site and give an idea to the visitor on the information that could be posted on the other links of the site.

As the success of website is determined by the visitor’s mindset, the landing page needs to include a substantial amount of the content relevant to the target visitor.

Let’s look at some vital points that are needed for a successful landing page design.

As far as possible the content should be brief and to the point. More importantly, the content in the landing page should be relevant to the targeted visitor. Visitors normally search for information using keywords and it’s a good idea to highlight the keywords that can be normally thought of being used as search words. This would enhance the design with respect to the relevance of search for the visitor. Not only will this increase the number of hits, but also the visitor would be willing to visit the site several times for updated information and delve more into the links provided within the site.

As far as possible it is important to post the 1st hand information pertaining to the product or service or the subject of interest in the site. This would increase the good will and trust among the visitors about the site.

For those into marketing, it’s good to have the visitor persuaded to a point that he may be interested in going for the product or service offered by the marketer. The landing page should have content in such a fashion that the visitor keeps on browsing the site and not drop out of it. It’s important to have the content free from grammatical errors.

The content needs to be validated and it’s good to have testimonials or other supporting statements posted on the site. Finally, the quality of text, usage of fonts and images should be controlled.

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