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Logo Design Essentials: an overview on logo design


Starting up a business requires lot of formalities to be fulfilled like getting a license, setting up office, acquiring stationery and of course a website for marketing over internet. The business requires a clear identification and demarcation from others and getting a logo is to serve that purpose.

Design of logo becomes important in the business decisions to show that the service or product offered is unique from others. This drives to the point of how to proceed to design an effective logo that becomes a reflection of the business objective. One should note that the logo design should not be based on personal interests. It is the brand’s definition that is the base for the design of the logo. A logo demarcates one from the other by basing on few parameters which can be listed as follows.

A logo design needs to be inspired by the following parameters:

  1. The objective of the business being driven. The basic question of who you are?
  2. The products or services being marketed through the business
  3. How can one reap advantage out of the business outcome or who would be the targeted audience to the website.

Logos are basically very small and communicate the essentials in one’s business. Hence it is highly essential to include the most important business brand definitions during the logo design process. This drives one to arrive at certain characteristics of logo during the design phase.

It’s essential to cross check if the characteristics really go with the definition of the brand. The weightage needs to be given to the font, its size, colors and other formatting options meant for the design. A logo is something that connects the marketer with the targeted audience.

Personal interests may help one to develop the logo of one’s choice in those situations when the targeted visitor is similar to the marketer. In such cases driving the ideas through logo designed as per one’s choice can help drive the business effectively. But in several cases wherein the target customer does not have similar interest as the marketer, it’s important that the logo design should not be based on interests or one’s like but be a reflection of the brand being marketed.

A logo should be simple and should not be cluttered with too much of text or other formatting. During the design process one should take care of the basic fact that the logo design is meant for the promotion of the business and the design is not meant to drive personal interests but the business objective. Moreover it is meant to convey as to who is the targeted for whom it could be of help.

Its always suggested to follow the simple rule of KISS. KISS is the short form of “Keep it Simple Stupid” so as to avoid unnecessary complexity in the design process.

Logo tells the story of business’s brand, its personality, its uniqueness and the targeted customer in short, simple and compacted form.

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