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PSD to CSS/XHTML an Overview


Website designing includes applications that involve certain standards for the construction of the site and are approved by statutory authorities like w3c that lay the standards for the development and design of website. Several applications go in the creation of websites. Some of the applications used for the creation of websites are HTML, CSS, SVG, AJAX and other technologies usually termed as web technologies.

Designing an aesthetic website may require usage of tools that may not be directly linked to web designing technologies or may not be possible with those tools for website design.

WordPress is a free and open source blog publishing application using which one can create or publish blogs powered by PHP and MySQL. One can use the conversion of PSD 2 WordPress to arrive at aesthetic sites combining the advantages of photoshop and wordpress.

Joomla is also an open source system meant for content management of the published content. One can utilize this open source platform to publish and manage content over the World Wide Web and intranets as well. It’s a portal engine that can be downloaded through web free of cost and websites can be published using it. Photoshop documents can be converted to Joomla. One can easily find converters for PSD 2 Joomla. Once the PSD document is converted, it can be used to create aesthetic sites.

Some webdevelopers also slice up PSD files to convert it to CSS layouts to have customized web pages with aesthetic appearance. CSS can aid in generation of aesthetic sites with colors, layout and font aesthetically presented. It can be used with any XML based language like XHTML. XML makes it possible to link with other tools of web creation. PSD can be converted as PSD 2 CSS and PSD 2 XHTML as well. CSS code and XHTML code can be separated and CSS and HTML code can be shared as a separate entity by placing the codes in separate paragraphs within the code of the website.

XHTML is based on the XML language. XHTML has a format very similar to the HTML format but the difference lies in its association with an XML language. XML simplifies the way the storage of data is done. XML is most common platform for documentation purposes and is most widely used; as such XHTML becomes a preferred choice for web developers. Its ease of understanding to humans and its usability to publish any type of documentation makes it is a preferred choice.

Several softwares are available that can help in conversion of PSD 2 XHTML or PSD 2 CSS or PSD 2 wordpress and PSD 2 Joomla. The conversion is for convenience in web development that aids in deriving advantages of PSD and at the same time uses the output for website creation aesthetically.


  1. orlando

    Many web designers find it difficult to convert their Photoshop designs into valid HTML/XHTML markups, either due to work load or in-efficiency in quality conversion.

  2. bonstapul

    “PSD or Photoshop document is a tool that helps in creation of aesthetic websites by converting the code to CSS and HTML to be embedded at the required areas on the website.”
    Can more?

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