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Shop Window sites – An overview of Brochure sites


Even if the nineties have long gone, there are still many sites designed as online brochures. We should probably ignore this kind of sites, as Google, Bing and Yahoo ignore them and potential customers stay away from them driven by gut instinct.

However, for a freelance web designer, sometimes it’s time to raise some money, and design one of this completly useless sites. So let’s have a look at the whole brochure concept, and apply the same technique to a web site creating the same sections.

A business is usually driven to fulfill certain objectives pertaining to marketing of products or services that a business organization specializes upon. Marketing is core to driving the business and several tools related to marketing are in vogue. One such tool is the brochure of a company.

A brochure is generally an advertisement material of any company. It’s a material that includes relevant information pertaining to a company, its products or services and the locations of these business organizations. A brochure can be thought about as a tool that delivers the required information to the prospective customers in a concise format. As such the design of company brochure is key to the success of its marketing objectives.

A brochure is meant to promote the brand definition of a company through pamphlet formats. A brochure is meant to persuade a customer to meet his requirements in certain aspects which are the specialties of the business being marketed through the brochure. It is another form of promoting the business idea altogether. Though brochure design and development requires some of capital investment, the advantages that can be reaped out of it are enormous.

Since it is a key component to fulfill certain marketing objectives, one should take special care during its design process. It should be noted that a company brochure should not only be informative but appealing too.

A brochure should include the key business objectives embedded into it. It should normally contain the brand definition of the company in the most readable and viewable form. The content pertaining to the information related to the products and services needs to be printed in the most appropriate and concise format. It should include a short and concise description of the products or services being marketed by the company.

The logo of the company and its tagline should be the most prominently visible so as to first draw the attention of the target customer. A brochure should be thoroughly checked for any grammatical errors in the language used it.

Normally, no customer would spend much time on reading the entire brochure. It’s the psychological aspect of the customer that needs to be taken care when designing the brochure. The brochure should content the relevant product or service named and printed in the most readable format so that the customer can directly jump to the section of his choice in which he/she wishes to seek information.

A brochure should not be printed on cheap quality paper. Good quality paper should be used as far as possible. This would also have a psychological impact on the readers mind on the brand image of the company whose products are being marketed.

A reader can be encouraged to look out for more information by including real testimonials and press cuts at the appropriate locations on the brochure.

Finally, the brochure should not be cluttered with unnecessary graphics but with the relevant one only. It should have the necessary contact information imprinted on it in case one is interested in knowing more about the product.

So, what do you think ?