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Website Design Overview


Recent years has seen a boom in the usage of internet in several countries. Internet has become a one source stop for acquiring all the information irrespective of the subject or discipline one looks for. This phenomenon of looking out for information has thrown out a host of advantages for those looking out to make some extra bucks. People have been delving into the field of internet marketing to market their products or services and for several other reasons. Whatever is the reason, the most significant thing for those looking out for their objective through internet, the design and development of a website that caters to their needs becomes important.

Website design is a term used for creation of web pages that deliver information over internet. Several tools go into this design process. Usage of tools like HTML, CSS and Java Script and other programs related to web design is sought after for the design of websites. The basic aim of website design is to convey the information and its development is meant to present it in an aesthetical format.

To those delving into this field of website design and development, I recommend some tips here that can help one in coming out with a successful website.

First of all, the creator of website needs to understand what he is really going to do and at the same time, understand the type of visitors that are targeted for. Designing for optimized speed is best recommended due to variance in the modem speeds of different visitors.

Never forget the basic quote, Keep it simple. A website design should include a development pertaining to the way information is provided. As far as possible, try to convey the information in the possible viewable screen.

Organization is the third most vital point. Having a organized site with TOC or table of contents increases the number of hits that the site receives.

Never clutter the site with bunches of images or with large sized images. This only distracts the viewers. At the same time try to have a site developed in a way that it is properly readable by using proper set of fonts, colors and other formatting options.try to avoid grammatical errors through thorough scan before hosting the site.

It’s better to convey information in a short witty way rather than lots of text. Moreover, link to any other website or within the site needs to be thoroughly updated from time to time. Several viewers tend to miss out the vital information that may be shown within a link. Its good to highlight links using several format options like change in color on hovering the cursor over the link or annotating the link or having different color to the text in the link.

More importantly, it’s always recommended to have a page dedicated to the contact information or the contact information can be built into an existing page innovatively. Welcoming comments and suggestions from viewers through options

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