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Own Photoshop? Don’t Overlook What You May Have Got For Free (sort of…)


Say you have purchased Photoshop in the nice bundle known as Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium.

You did so because it was actually way cheaper than purchasing just Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. But never spent time installing or trying out the other applications

Then you’re missing out remarkable tools such as After Effects for web video production. Adobe Premiere’s recently added ability to convert speech to text, that makes videos searchable for search engine placement and improved accessibility.

And also Encore, for producing a DVD or even a Blue Ray to give out as a promo of your services, or to be bundled with the website so that the client can provide the DVD to its own clients.

So have a deep look at what you may own, and yet understimate because it’s not in your area of expertise. There’s plenty of education (and I mean free education) on those apps out there. And it can let you leverage something your competitors have not yet discovered.


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